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Massage du Bien-être
Les Champs Elysees - Gesvres - 53370

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Relax and unwind at Massage du Bien-être! Enjoy a rejuvenating massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and balanced. With our holistic approach to wellbeing, you'll be sure to experience a complete sense of relaxation.

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Massage has therapeutic benefits which could include:

  • Muscles – Reduces and releases tension, increase oxygen, increase blood flow, relieve pain, improve posture

  • Skeletal System – Improves posture, ease’s joint pain and mobility

  • Blood circulation – Increases oxygen levels, blood flow, removes CO2 

  • Lymphatic circulation – Helps remove toxins and waste, can aid production of antibodies, could improve the immune system and reduce water retention

  • Skin – Stimulates the release of collagen 

  • Metabolism – Can help with cellular renewal.

  • Urinary System – Helps  to remove toxins from the kidneys and bladder

  • Nervous System – Can stimulate and sooths the nervous system and could improve brain function

  • Digestive System – Can increase digestive ability, aid constipation, IBS and bloating

  • Respiratory System – Increase oxygen levels, helps to break down mucous, improve gaseous exchange, increase lung capacity, and regulate breathing

  • Endocrine and Reproductive System – Can aid regulation and production of hormones for fertility, emotional wellbeing and self-esteem

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